The foundation of the federal state Baden-Württemberg called “Stiftung Kinderland”, which means “Childhood foundation”, awards the winner of a competition for child rights.

The Stiftung Kinderland was founded in 2005 to gain and support child and family friendly structures in Baden-Württemberg, Charitable education projects were initiated to give children and families an environment of best development possibilities and optimal life chances.

Our trophy was custom made from acrylic. We embedded a digital print of our customer and sticked it on white acryl. The acrylic upper part of the trophy stands on a heavy metal base. The metal base was laser engraved with the logo of Unicef, a cooperation partner of Stiftung Kinderland, and it was coated black. The rear side was mattfinished with sand blasted technology – nice effect for a special trophy.

We are glad and proud to deliver this special trophy for a special event and hope, the winner are happy about their projects and ideas, for which they were honored.




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Wow, i’m impressed. This is really great, thank you so much for your efficiency, you are the best!