Munich Nightlife Awards 2014

Red carpet, picture wall, popping of flashbulbs, happy faces and soaring hands... in mid november, the awarding of the 2014 munich nightlife awards took place in the time-honoured munich movie casino. Overall, 16 happy winners were awarded by more then 40.000 people in munich. They voted for over three weeks they favorite bars, clubs, DJs and event locations.

The trophy is a custom made acrylic design, printed with digital UV-technology.

Just ask - also we will offer you an individual offer for your personal honoring. Either it's a trophy, a cup, a certificate, a business courtesy or an etching.

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Ätzkunst GmbH & Co. EMKA KGÄtzkunst GmbH & Co. EMKA KG2017-09-01 08:59:23Munich Nightlife Awards 2014


Dear Mr. Sichert,
MEGA THANKS to you and your team! I couldn't believe my eyes! UPS just delivered the follow-up order with the 8 Golf trophies for Spain. Since 1991, I've been making trophies and engraving (standard), and I can tell you the service that I experience with Ätzkunst is EXTRAORDINARY! I just had to express my thankfulness to your team!