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What could be more fitting as an award for eco achievement than a trophy made from recycled glass? The articles you see on this page are eco in every respect. And aesthetic, too, featuring attractive, natural colors, mottled with graduated shades to creative fascinating designs that leave sustainable impressions. The production of these wonderfully handcrafted pieces is performed by skilled artisans, who cut, polish and form the finished pieces from shredded tinted glass, creating two glass plates that they then fuse together to produce the awards’ striking appearances. The green and blue colors you see are standard. But be beware: since they are handmade, no two awards are the same. Each has its own distinct character and the colors may can slightly differ from those you see here.


All prices do not include laser engraving or sandblasting!



Awesome… Everyone is impressed. Especially the recipients are thrilled as could be. Great product, it looks fantastic!