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Our metallicART Collection is ideally suited for both laser engraving and conventional engraving. The silver-metallic colored plates are made of solid brass, so engraving appears gold-colored on the silver background. Because the brass surface is polished, the laser engravings glisten. These are the fine details that make the difference.

7865 C260 mm 24.50 €
7865 B240 mm23.90 €
7865 A220 mm23.10 €

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Finishing optionsLaser Engraving


A new way to honor individuals! This product features multicolored logos and the possibility of imprinting different inscriptions. Two elements including a solid aluminum plate and an interestingly shaped front element cut from black acrylic material are joined by quality silver colored spacers. The acrylic element engraves via laser and the aluminum plate accommodates sublimation printing. A line of trophies with a distinct modern character, lightweight design and ideal for tight budgets.

Prices do not include printing.



I'd like to acknowledge the receipt of the awards … the P&G Unicef Crystal Globe is fabulous! Many thanks for your customer-friendly service.