The all new elevator test tower by ThyssenKrupp - made in 3D

On the 7tha dn 8th of October 2017, the ThyssenKrupp test tower for elevators was opened in Rottweil. It is the heighest building in Baden-Württemberg and has the heighest viewing platform all over Germany.
The 246-meter test tower is to be built in order to develop, test, and examine the latest elevator technologies. Modern architecture, which represents the art of our engineering, should give the tower a light, elegant appearance.

We made the test tower exklusively in 3D inside engraving.
More information about 3d inside engraving you can find here:

Ätzkunst GmbH & Co. EMKA KGÄtzkunst GmbH & Co. EMKA KG2017-10-10 09:08:57The all new elevator test tower by ThyssenKrupp - made in 3D


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