Product of the week - Sportsmen of the year at SPORT1

Magdalena Neuner, Marco Reus and Borussia Dortmund receive "Die SPORT1" in the categories "Sportswoman of the year", "Sportsman of the year" and "Team of the year" due to their extraordinary performance during the sports-year 2012.

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Again, the trophies have been manufactured by us. We thank our partners for their confidence!


Ätzkunst GmbH & Co. EMKA KGÄtzkunst GmbH & Co. EMKA KGProduct of the week - Sportsmen of the year at SPORT1


Hello Brigit, and the Aetzkunst Staff, Thank you for your prompt response and your previous efforts! I have contacted the intended recipient of this package, and he will contact DHL in Honolulu. I am very pleased with the dealings with Aetzkunst GmbH over the past couple of years, and I hope we can continue to do business together. You and your staff have always been very attentive and courteous whenever I have had a problem. Again, thank you very much. I appreciate this greatly, and you are doing the world a good service.