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Pins are a highly popular advertising novelty, particularly as giveaway. But they are also useful for honoring individuals and expressing esteem or bestowing recognition. There are many variations with prices ranging from inexpensive to expensive. On this page, you’ll find a concise overview of the most common pins making techniques:
Die-Struck Soft Enamel Process: This is an
inexpensive technique. We sandblast the recessed areas or fill them with soft tinted enamel.
Die-Struck Copper Process: Available with choice of gold, silver or nickel-plating for an elegant premium appearance. We can sandblast the recessed areas to create a textured look or apply soft tinted enamel to the recesses to create contrast.
Etched Soft Enamel Process: We make these pins using a photographic negative to etch your design chemically in brass. May be finished by hand with gold, silver or black nickel plating.
Offset Printing: Photographic images and color gradients are possible using this technique, which prints on brass, stainless steel or aluminum.
Silk Screen Printing: This process is useful for printing your designs on metal with Pantone inks. Only solids are possible. Color gradients are not possible with this technique.
Zamak Alloy Die-Casting: This process is your best choice for realizing 3D motifs and intricate cutouts.



Dear All

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! For all your help and for your availability to deliver one of the most if not the best awards we have had in our International Meetings. Thank you for your professionalism and quick response to my requests.
I have attached a picture of one of our happy recipient 😉
Thank you and look forward to do more business with you,