5686 - Medal from Standard Collection

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diameter 70 mm for emblems with 50 mm

Art.No.Size25 pcs50 pcs100 pcs150 pcs250 pcs500 pcs
5686 A70 mm6,02 €5,81 €5,41 €5,41 €5,20 €5,00 €
5686 B70 mm6,02 €5,81 €5,41 €5,41 €5,20 €5,00 €
5686 C70 mm6,02 €5,81 €5,41 €5,41 €5,20 €5,00 €

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Finishing optionsSublimation


Customized Medals

We offer 4 possibilities for the manufacturing of medals with custom motifs:

a) Digital printing

The most economical procedure is digital printing. We recommend this for small quantities and/or motifs with a lot of colors.

b) High grade metal offset printing

Metal offset printing provides the best printing quality on metal.

c) UV digital printing

UV-digital printing provides perfect printing quality on metal in photo quality.

d) Etching and filling with color

For a truly exclusive honor, we recommend our etched medals in premium quality settings.

The prices shown here apply for digital printing.
If you would like to have the emblems printed via offset technique, which is of higher quality, or etched, contact us.
Available in three finishes:
B= Silver



Awesome… Everyone is impressed. Especially the recipients are thrilled as could be. Great product, it looks fantastic!