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Custom Crystal

Even glass can be cut with high quality water jet cutting various special shapes from the glass. It does not matter if they are letters, numbers or simple shapes.
The water jet cut gives the cut edge a matt appearance that emphasizes the glass character. In addition, the surface was labeled with color gradients in high-quality UV printing.The letters can be glued on glass without visible traces of glue.
Thus, this article is a completely successful design. Subsequent individualization makes each piece unique.

Awards for the Best

Finishing options3D Laser EngravingSand BlastingUV Digital Printing

Distinguished by excellent quality crystal and glass thickness of 19 mm or 16 mm, our crystal glass trophies are at the top of their class.

Our crystal glass trophies are exclusively made from the best and highest quality raw materials available. The glass has a distinct elegance and is distinguished by stunning brilliance and durability, setting it clearly apart from inferior grade materials. Each trophy is carefully crafted from hand, including cutting, beveling, polishing, etc. Best quality raw material and skilled artisanship guaranty that each trophy leaving our premises has its own unique personality consistent with the highest quality standards. All of the products radiate timeless elegance!Etui für Kristallglas trophys

A fitting bonus is the free standard packaging that comes with all of these splendid crystal glass products, providing a tastefully refined setting.
NOTE: The gift boxes come at no additional cost and are for this reason not subject to damage claim.
All prices do not include laser engraving or color digital printing!


Dear Mr. Mager,
We were extremely impressed by the gifts we ordered from you for our guests, who were equally delighted by them.

German Ministry of Defense