Laser Engraving and Etching technology


TechnologyLaser G

We offer different CO₂-Laser engraving systems from 25 watt to 120 watt for various areas of application and sizes.

Suitable materials

  • glass
  • plastics, acrylic
  • wood
  • Conditional application: The inscription with CO2-laser systems on metals like stainless steel, copper or brass is only possible to a limited extend: These metals have to be colour-coated (varnish), it is not possible to inscribe the metal directly.

Printed images, texts or drawings from a layout programm can be converted very finely and in full detail without any restrictions.
Flexibler und wirtschaftlicher Einsatz bei individuellen Texten (Personalisierung oder fortlaufende Nummerierung)Gravur Laser 2 m


  • speed
  • illustration in full detail
  • flexibility



Computer-controlled engraving systens for the treatment of metals, plastics, wood etc.

Systems for engravings, cutouts and lathe cut treatments up to a size of 610 x 1220 mm


Sandblasting technology uses an abrasive (pure corundum, aluminium oxide) which is blown onto an object using compressed air. By doing this, the surface is processed. We apply this technology for engraving text and logos on glass. In comparison to laser engravings the engraving is deeper in the glass, appears to be of higher quality and looks more exclusive. One of the most sophisticated types of refinement when it comes to crystal glass trophies.


Gravur Aetzen m
Etching is also referred to as chemical engraving. In this case, acidity is used to "engrave" a certain structure, text or image on a metal surface. Our electroplating shop allows the etching of brass, copper and stainless steel. We offer different processing variants:

Brass:  Surface polished or finely sanded, etched, single- or multi-colour design

Brass:  Surface polished or finely sanded, deep-etched, etching electrolytically polished
Brass:  Surface polished or finely sanded, etching deepened and electrolytically polished, decorative elements partly etched through the material
Formed components out of brass: etched in shape with decorative elements and electrolytically polished
Stainless steel:  Surface finely sanded, etching deepened single- or multi-colour design
Copper:  Versions like brass


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