Crystal-Glass Trophies

There is a great variety of crystal glass trophies for every occassion in our online catalougue. You can individualize the trophies or cups with laser engraving or digital printing. Do you have an extraordinary wish or very special ideas - no problem at all, customized products and customer wishes are our special service.

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Premium crystal glass trophies

Distinguished by excellent quality crystal and glass thickness of 19 mm, our new crystal glass trophies are at the top of their class.

Our crystal glass trophies are exclusively made from the best and highest quality raw materials available. The glass has a distinct elegance and is distinguished by stunning brilliance and durability, setting it clearly apart from inferior grade materials. Each trophy is carefully crafted from hand, including cutting, beveling, polishing, etc. Best quality raw material and skilled artisanship guaranty that each trophy leaving our premises has its own unique personality consistent with the highest quality standards. All of the products radiate timeless elegance!
A fitting bonus is the free standard packaging that comes with all of these splendid crystal glass products, providing a tastefully refined setting.

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Trophies in this series are sure to generate a wow

This extremely popular collection of 240 mm high 60 x 60 mm square columns comes with clear crystal mid section and colored top and bottom elements. Quality solid material with 2.2 kg weight. The trophies in this series are sure to generate a wow!

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Crystal Trophies with Globe Design

Trophies with a golf ball, soccer ball or tennis ball of crystal

A variation of our new crystal series, which you won’t see anywhere else. You can choose these exclusive trophies with a golf ball, soccer ball or tennis ball of crystal. These 3/4“ thick solid crystal awards also come with a beautiful base cut from deep blue crystal. Laser engraving provides the finishing touches and personalization to this high grade product.

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Crystal Challenge Trophies

Simple elegance meets modern award design

Introducing the new Crystal Challenge series. Turn up the level of recognition a notch with these innovative trophies. Solid premium crystal elaborated by the first-ever notch-out cutting technique lets this baby radiate sheer greatness, thereby expressing admiration and awe at the award recipient’s feat. Utterly jaw dropping!

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Arctic Crystal

Simple elegance meets modern award design

Arctic Crystal is the name of our new, fully in-trend collection, which features a fascinating combination of white and clear crystal. These trophies’ refreshingly pristine and captivating beauty assures them of a prime position on their recipients’ shelves.

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Thick glass in various forms with sandblasted milky white crystal elements

You won’t see the likes of our new crystal trophy series anywhere else. Featuring 19 mm thick glass in various forms with sandblasted milky white crystal elements, each trophy is an aesthetic ensemble with contemporary design nuances.

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Emerald Crystal Trophies

Emerald crystal trophy collection

Emerald Crystal, our brand new crystal trophy collection, features clear crystal and emerald green glass items of sumptuous beauty.

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Indigo Crystal©

Top designed crystal glass

Our crystal glass series, Indigo Crystal, is a striking combination of high-quality clear crystal glass in exclusive thicknesses of 19 mm or 16 mm and a deep blue 8 mm thick crystal glass counterpart. The attractive, designed forms resemble crystal and symbolize your esteem for the honored person, while also displaying your good taste.

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Crystal with Metal

A great material combination!

Brand new in our product range are these quality crafted crystal trophies with metal components. Their striking elegance makes them the right choice for your high achievers. Most of the metal shapes seen here are laser-cut and polished or finely sanded matte finish.

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Our ECO-products

The articles you see on this page are eco in every respect. And aesthetic, too, featuring attractive, natural colors, mottled with graduated shades to creative fascinating designs that leave sustainable impressions. The production of these wonderfully handcrafted pieces is performed by skilled artisans, who cut, polish and form the finished pieces from shredded tinted glass, creating two glass plates that they then fuse together to produce the awards’ striking appearances. The green and blue colors you see are standard. But be beware: since they are handmade, no two awards are the same. Each has its own distinct character and the colors may can slightly differ from those you see here.

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Trophies and Works of Art

Works of art as trophy

There’s no better way to communicate recognition than with a unique object of art created from blown glass. Our artisans individually produce each product, so each article may vary slightly in color and shape from piece to piece.

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Glass Trophies

For the Budget-Minded

Running a tight budget, but still require an impressive glass trophy? A little bit smaller with thickness of 0,24“ or 0,4“, however, characterized by good quality, our glass trophies shown here are the answer. Suitable for laserengraving or medals up to 2“.

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Customized Crystal Glass

We manufacture according to your wishes

There are many advantages you have in buying from Aetzkunst Trophies Germany, including custom crystal products, whose intricate forms we hand-carve and finish from glass, creating hand-made works of art.

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