78834 - Classic Achievement new version

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Budget priced version with polished gold colored finish with marble base.

Art.No. TypeSizePrice/pieceWeight product
78840 AMarmorsockelpolished, gold coloured180 mm50,40 €460 g
78840 BMarmorsockelpoliert, goldfarbig260 mm69,40 €1220 g

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Finishing optionsLaser Engraving
Vergleich Classic - neue Version

Hier ein Vergleich im Design zwischen dem Orginal-Classic-Achievement- Award und der neuen Version:

78840 Classic goldf budget


The China Trader Award event put on by our customer, Cathay Pacific, was an utter success and the trophies you made for us were met with awe by both our customers and the winners. I'd like to express my hearty thanks for the great workmanship and your unbelievable service!