3102 - Worldmap silver polished

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Premium elegance!

A solid brass map of the world. The continents are raised above the darker, mat background of the oceans and polished to achieve a pleasing contrast.

The award’s silver polished inscription plate is ideal for personalization, attractively accommodating words of honor or gratitude. The inscription is performed by digital printing, meaning it can be multicolored.

Enhancing the exclusivity of this award, a carefully selected silver frame (No. 78) elegantly adds the final touch and makes this product suitable for just about any setting.


In the following you will find some selected suggestions for individual and personalized awards.
We offer 2 different types of production technique:

1. Digital Printing on Metal: Whenever small runs, multiple colors, personalization or just price is an issue, our digital printing is the right choice.
2. Etching in Metal: Etching is the most exclusive way of preserving your appreciation in metal. High quality at a reasonable price.



Thanks for everything so far you really have help me far beyond what I could have expected. Many Thanks.

Customer from South Africa