Sony-Music Award - Crystal glass trophy with UV digital printing from Aetzkunst Trophies Germany

Bruce Springsteen, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Santana, AC/DC, Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Pink, U2, Guns N´Roses, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Take That etc. – great names in the music industry! Eternalised in coloured UV digital printing upon a trophy out of crystal glass for Sony Music. An outstanding  award!

Using UV digital printing allows an effective, multi-coloured printing while achieving a great cost-performance ratio. Traditionally a 6-colour screenprint with 6 films and 6 screens would have been necessary for a custom-made product like this one. A tremendous effort! Thanks to state of the art printing-technology it is not a big deal anymore today.

Prior to printing the trophy a digital file has to be created as if you would print the layout on paper. By using a special software the file gets prepared for the digital printing and finally printed.

Of course, such an outstanding award deserves a top product. This crystal glass trophy is a custom-made product. The basis of the trophy is the high grade 9K-glass - the glass material with the highest quality. You should choose this glass if you want to avoid your trophy getting a yellowness after a short while. Aetzkunst Trophies Germany solely uses the high quality 9K-glass for all products. A quality your products deserve. That is what Bertelsmann Sony Music knew at the awarding of this trophy.

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Dear Mr. Sichert,
MEGA THANKS to you and your team! I couldn't believe my eyes! UPS just delivered the follow-up order with the 8 Golf trophies for Spain. Since 1991, I've been making trophies and engraving (standard), and I can tell you the service that I experience with Ätzkunst is EXTRAORDINARY! I just had to express my thankfulness to your team!