93/1 - Etching in stainless steel

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Etched and filled with the color of the customer’s logo, this solid stainless steel plate makes an imposing birthday gift. A gift of distinction with a timeless gray colored contoured frame.
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In the following you will find some selected suggestions for individual and personalized awards.
We offer 2 different types of production technique:

1. Digital Printing on Metal: Whenever small runs, multiple colors, personalization or just price is an issue, our digital printing is the right choice.
2. Etching in Metal: Etching is the most exclusive way of preserving your appreciation in metal. High quality at a reasonable price.



Toby, I have to say, that clocks are amazing!!! Really fantastic! Picture looks very lovely and I like that so much! Trust - customer will be the same mind. Thank you very much for nice and professional work! Have a nice day!