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It is also possible to combine our etchings with clocks or weather stations.
A passepartout of about 25mm makes it possible to attach an engraved plaque for your personal dedication.

picture right1295290x330 mm67,70
picture right1395350x410 mm76,70
clock left2295250x380 mm93,45
clock left2395310x480 mm109,00

We would be glad to draw your favorite motif (building, view, company building etc.). The cost of the artwork is calculated according to time required. For a standard drawing, we charge 150,00 € with 60,00 € for reproduction costs.
We would be glad to provide you an intemized quote for your motif!

For the drawing we require a photograph of your motif. Our artists are well-known and you will be amazed by their excellent work. 
The minimum quantity run for first-time etchings is 10 pieces.