Cup Series 4914

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Art.No. TypeSizePrice/piece
4914 ABase 55 x 30 mmD=80mm190 mm13,80
4914 BBase 65 x 30 mmD=80mm210 mm16,10
4914 CBase 65 x 30 mmD=100mm230 mm18,40
4914 DBase 75 x 30 mmD=120mm265 mm21,85
4914 EBase 85 x 30 mmD=140mm300 mm28,75
4914 FBase 100 x 40 mmD=160mm350 mm42,55
4914 SSeriesD=160mm350 mm141,45

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Only a small sampling of the diverse offering of cups is shown in the catalogue and on the website. Request the cup brochure, which is specifically dedicated to just cups and features over 800 series. The brochure is only available as PDF file.

The prices shown here do not include cup covers. You can place an additional order of matching lids for 50 mm Emblems.



Hello Brigit, and the Aetzkunst Staff, Thank you for your prompt response and your previous efforts! I have contacted the intended recipient of this package, and he will contact DHL in Honolulu. I am very pleased with the dealings with Aetzkunst GmbH over the past couple of years, and I hope we can continue to do business together. You and your staff have always been very attentive and courteous whenever I have had a problem. Again, thank you very much. I appreciate this greatly, and you are doing the world a good service.