7329 - Big Pyramid Award

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Shaped like a pyramid and reaching a breathtaking height at its pinnacle, this impressive acrylic trophy, the highest acrylic tower in our range, stands above everything.

Art.No.SizePrice/pieceWeight product
7329 A290 mm37,95440 g
7329 B350 mm52,55640 g
7329 C385 mm64,70720 g

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An innovative new idea: We have combined our Indigo Blue trophies with clear acrylic glass trophies to produce the Clear Ocean series. The clear element is a pendant of the blue background plate, which is mounted set off to the side. Translucent edges complete the exquisite combination, a symbiosis that appears dynamic and fresh like the waves of the ocean.

All prices do not include laser engraving or color digital printing!



Dear Tobias, no word ... just a big thanks to you and all your team ... you are the best supplier of trophies in the World, just thank you for that, it is a great pleasure working with you. Take care