Product of the week - Custom-made trophy out of glass

Custom-made product out of glass.
Impressive glass-trophy.
Approx. height 300 mm.
20 mm thick glass.
Labeled with sand blasting on surface.
Sand blasting was designed in contrasting colour.


We thank our partners for their confidence!


Ätzkunst GmbH & Co. EMKA KGÄtzkunst GmbH & Co. EMKA KGProduct of the week - Custom-made trophy out of glass


I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks for your excellent service. Please say hello the entire Ätzkunst team and pass my thanks on to them. I greatly appreciate your ability and willingness to make the impossible possible - even when there's really not enough time. And your trophies and awards' design is unquestionably without equal. My customers recognize the difference!