Medals - from Standard to Individualized

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Attractively priced medals

In the low cost price segment we offer four possibilities for the manufacturing of medals with custom motifs:
We offer digital printing, UV-digital printing, offset printing and etching. The finishes are available in bronze, silver and gold.

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Medals with good price-performance ratio

Our standard medals are characterized by their good price-performance ratio. They perfectly fit the needs of clubs. Motives can be produced individually as well.

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Within our section "Exclusive-Medals" we offer our customers solid brass medals with diamond-faceted borders. Combination of etching (engraving) and precisely detailed, colored motif create a 3-dimensional appearance. Perfect for etched and colored custom motifs.

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For those who appreciate the exceptional

An exclusively different variation of an age-old means of showing honor. These elegant beauties are fashioned from 10 mm crystal and are ideal for personalization.

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Emblems and plaques

In addition to our medals we offer numerous emblems, plaques and logos.

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