74306 - Diamond Ridge

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For peak performances, this combination of clear and blue acrylic plates lends this beauty an impressive 3D effect to go along with its rugged peak-like contour. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS enhance its edge line adding a distinctly exclusive touch to fittingly honor unique achievement.

74306 A175mm50,60
74306 B225mm59,80
74306 C275mm73,60

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Brilliant together - Our acrylic trophies with inlaid SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS: Tiny diamond-shaped crystal elements give our acrylic trophies matchless character. Superior trophies for superior performance.

All prices do not include laser engraving or color digital printing!



Dear Mr. Mager,
We were extremely impressed by the gifts we ordered from you for our guests, who were equally delighted by them.

German Ministry of Defense