Cup Lid 4919

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4919 AD=60mmEmblem: 50mm7,35
4919 BD=70mmEmblem: 50mm8,15
4919 CD=80mmEmblem: 50mm8,70
4919 DD=90mmEmblem: 50mm9,05
4919 ED=100mmEmblem: 50mm9,40
4919 FD=120mmEmblem: 50mm10,55
4919 GD=140mmEmblem: 50mm11,00
4919 HD=160mmEmblem: 50mm12,30

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Only a small sampling of the diverse offering of cups is shown in the catalogue and on the website. Request the cup brochure, which is specifically dedicated to just cups and features over 800 series. The brochure is only available as PDF file.

The prices shown here do not include cup covers. You can place an additional order of matching lids for 50 mm Emblems.



Both sets of trophies arrived this morning and I’m absolutely balled over by how brilliant they look. I’ve been sent photos by my team, and by what I can tell, they are wonderful. The team are thrilled with them and think they look just great. I really want to thank you for the extra effort and time put in to getting these orders through on time, you’re help made everything go smoothly and delivered on time. Thank you!