7324 - Blue Angular Award

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180 x 230 mm front plate of 10 mm clear acrylic backed up by a slightly smaller plate of blue acrylic give this uncomplicated but visually interesting award a unique touch. The blue background intensifies the “optical illusion” of inner engraving on the front plate. Chrome-plated base matches the design and contributes an exclusive nuance.

Art.No.SizePrice/pieceWeight product
7324230 mm43,90860 g

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An innovative new idea: We have combined our Indigo Blue trophies with clear acrylic glass trophies to produce the Clear Ocean series. The clear element is a pendant of the blue background plate, which is mounted set off to the side. Translucent edges complete the exquisite combination, a symbiosis that appears dynamic and fresh like the waves of the ocean.

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Dear Mr. Mager,
We were extremely impressed by the gifts we ordered from you for our guests, who were equally delighted by them.

German Ministry of Defense