Acrylic Trophies

Given the huge variety of acrylic trophies at there is hardly any wish that cannot be fulfilled. For nearly every event or competition we offer the right recognition in our trophy-shop. Personalize your trophy via laser engraving or by using color digital printing with Colorprint. In case you have special wishes we offer the manufacturing of customized acrylic trophies.

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Clear acrylic glass, top design and perfect quality

Our acrylic trophies are distinguished by 3/4" thick acrylic glass, elaborate diamond cutting along the edges, highly polished surfaces and meticulous workmanship. These awards are perfectly suited for laser engraving with your message of appreciation.The engraving will appear milky white. Also suitable for conventional engraving.

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Indigo-Ice Awards©

Our Top-Collection out of blue acrylic glass

You will also be fascinated by our Indigo Ice trophies. The gem among the trophies catches the eye with its unique color mix. A clever combination of dark blue and silver-colored, frosted finishes gives our Indigo Ice trophies their impressive appearance. Constructed of 18 mm thick acrylic glass, their attractive shapes convey the esteem felt for the person being honored.

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Fire and Ice-Trophies ®

Extraordinary trophies!

Our new collection, Fire and Ice, combines the colors of red and silver for a high quality aesthetic impression. An 1/3“ thick acrylic plate covered with reflective foil complements the 3/4“ thick, deep red acrylic material.
® We have applied for a patetnt with the European Office for Harmonization to protect our Fire and Ice Collection (000692769).

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Embedding in Acrylic

Popular practice employed to showcase various objects

Embedding in solid acrylic is a popular practice employed to showcase various objects. Different materials can be embedded, including paper, clear acetate, computer chips or even cast metal objects. Custom molds provide the acrylic block with its form. The liquid acrylic is poured into the mold. The objects are then placed in the acrylic. Various shapes are available, such as rectangular, cube, triangular, etc. We have many different molds and we can manufacture custom molds for your specific needs.
Prices on request.

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Awards for the special recognition

Brilliant together: Aetzkunst trophies with inlaid SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Tiny diamond-shaped crystal SWAROVSKI inlays give our acrylic trophies matchless character. Superior trophies for superior performance.

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Clear Ocean®

Premium awards with high class design

An innovative new idea: We have combined our Indigo Blue trophies with clear acrylic glass trophies to produce the Clear Ocean series. The clear element is a pendant of the blue background plate, which is mounted set off to the side. Translucent edges complete the exquisite combination, a symbiosis that appears dynamic and fresh like the waves of the ocean.

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Emerald awards for your recognition

A brand new addition to our acrylic trophies is our Emerald Collection, which features deep green and clear acrylic material set apart by elegant hardware to produce a unique optical effect. These awards are true jewels!

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Acrylic Awards with Metal

Premium quality trophies

A striking combination: 18 mm thick, top-quality, solid acrylic glass with heavy silver-plated cast metal base. The modern metal appearance of the base upgrades the laser engraved acrylic glass creating a trophy with a cool stylish design.

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Acrylic-Trophies with clock

New and elegant

A new addition to our range, these elegant acrylic trophies come with clocks and lots of space for your personal engraved message and logo. The clocks are manufactured by Seiko and are battery-operated.

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Great trophies for the tight budget

Just because it’s a budget trophy doesn’t mean it can’t have tasteful design. That's our motto when it comes to our "Budget"-trophy series. Frosted blue acrylic glass, 4 mm thick and black marble base unite in creating trophies with pleasing aesthetics for the budget-minded. An emblem and an individual engraving give this budget trophies an unique appearance. Our Budget Trophies offer attractive design at affordable prices.

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Custom Acrylic Trophies

Custom Acrylic Trophies

Of course, we can manufacture our acrylic trophies according to your design and creative concepts. Acrylic glass is particularly versatile enabling the almost limitless realization of creative ideas. We have laser cutting systems and CNC mills to cut and form shapes. In addition, edge polishing machines and all the equipment and expertise needed to provide you with a tastefully finished product are at our disposal. Please provide your artwork in a common file format such as Corel Draw, etc. We can also apply your colored logo to the trophies after they have been produced. Personalization with laser engraving is possible. The possibilities are virtually boundless.

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Many Thanks for your sterling work on the trophies and certificates. Thank you also for making a last minute change and delivering them. Your service cannot be surpassed and I thank you very much!